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kick-UP A STORM!
What size is up to you.


Get your brand noticed!

The world is noisy, everyone is shouting out to be heard above the crowds. We see literally thousands of brands every day. We are exposed to a rising onslaught of marketing, messaging and media.

Whether you are exhibiting in a crowded expo, or launching a new product to busy shoppers, we have used the knowledge that we have gained over the years to work out the best way to brand our games to ensure that they will turn heads.

branding is supported by our in-house highly talented team of designers who can talk you through the process. We offer a simple, easy-to-use template to assist in the branding process, showing clearly where the branding panels will fit on your game. You don’t need a design team, or expensive software…you just need us


Just a few brands that have used us...

Unique Ideas
…from A to Z.

We are all different (think how boring the world would be if we weren’t?) so we have different needs. Whether you are an Accountancy firm or a Zoological society, we can find a game that fits your firm. Afterall, it’s your game, designed for you, delivered to you, managed for you, branded for you.

Whatever your slant is, whatever your angle, your niche, we can find a way to make the game wholly yours.

These aren’t just for big, high-budget corporate events, these are for everyone. Are you on the 10th floor trying to motivate a dispirited sales team? Why not hire a game? Are you trying to arrange a retirement party? Why not hire a game? Are you attempting to decorate your office? Why not hire a game? (Or a painter…) Whatever you want to achieve, we can help you.


Do you want the cheapest?
Or, do you want the best?

What value do you put on your company? What image are you trying to convey?
You are not a price-cut brand, you are quality. Don't let your message say otherwise.

All our Cyclones are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. They are all Health and Safety and Strength tested to above the industry standard.

When you see our Cyclones, you can see why they are repeatedly chosen by global brand leaders to promote their products.

And if you want to see where it all began...visit our About page.

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