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Who we are...

30 + years, 6000 + events, 28000 + balls.
But there is only one Cyclone™… 

MD Bob Davies is the brains and hands behind the Cyclone™. Since it first leapt into fame on Dragon’s Den, the Cyclone™ has been developed and honed into the incredible game that is flown around the world today. But all our Cyclones are still made in our family workshops in the West Midlands, and you will still find Bob tinkering around making the Cyclones just that little more magical.

Bob has put together a first-class team to support the Cyclones. From videographers, designers, to logistic professionals, every person who is behind your Cyclone will do their best to ensure that your event is perfect. However much of your project you want us to be responsible for we can be!

And if a Cyclone™ isn't quite what you are loking for, then take a look at our Other Unique Ideas and find a game that fits you.
Whatever you want your game for, we can help.

If you want to see where it all began, take a look at MD Bob Davies facing the Dragons in the infamous Den. Pop along to the second video to see Sue Barker challenging her team captains to venture into the Cyclone™ in a Question of Sport. And to hear Graham Norton say "start the fans" take a look at the video on the Right to see the Cyclone™ being used in a game show format.
Our Cyclone™ has come a long way over the years, we can't wait to see where it is going to go in the future...

What Our
Customers Say



We were really pleased with the Event and the impact of the Cyclone and the additional engagement it encouraged with Delegates. Rob was great with the Delegates and the whole delivery and installation was spot on. I was really pleased with graphics which blended perfectly with the overall stand message I know my colleagues in Marketing were also impressed hence the interest in other Games as we do not always have the space Thanks again for your great service

PIB Group

The game went down really well and we will definitely want to use again next year, maybe with the colour part too to add a different element to it.

kick-UP A STORM!
What size is up to you.

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