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Make It yours

So, you have chosen your Cyclone™; now let the designing of you exhibition stand game begin!

Each Cyclone™ follows the same basic format as regards the branding. We can provide you with an easy to follow template for you to add your logo, brand, colours, website onto.

Our design team will help you to make sure that your Cyclone™ will be a visually striking attraction, with your logo or tag line memorably displayed. Good branding is crucial in making the Cyclone™ your game for your event. So that whatever angle you have chosen, the message you are sending out comes across loud and clear.

All of our games get treated to the same high level of branding that we give our Cyclones. Whether you have chosen a Stop the Clock or one of our other silent and space efficient games, we will get you noticed.

With our easy to follow templates, we will assist you in the through the entire design process, so that your company name is the one that people remember.

your cyclone™ will be allocated to you at least 2 weeks before your event. this allows you and your client to view the build process, to ensure you are both totally satisfied.

We know what works and what doesn’t, and our design team will make sure your game is branded to showcase your company to the max.

Let's show you
round & round & round...

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The Top Hat

Standing head and shoulders above the rest, the perfect way to be seen in the crowd. Our Top Hat comes in a range of sizes dependent up on your choice of game. With printed boards which can hold any design in any colour, make sure everyone knows your name.

The Door
(both sides)

The entrance to your Cyclone™ is made with printed Perspex. It can be branded on both the back and front, and each side can be different. Think about where your game will be situated on your stand. We can design it with see through cut outs in parts if required.

The Cyclone
+ Decal

Flowers? Crisps? Computer chips? Whatever you want, we can design. We can create decals to cover the main Cyclone™ body (as long as it does not interfere with the safe operation of the game.) So, if you want to reinforce your marketing message, the decals can give a visual boost.

The Kickboard

Running along the bottom of the Cyclone™, is the printed foamex panel. This is ideal for social media and website details, as well as contact numbers. Your template will clearly show the dimensions of each panel on your Cyclone™.

The Fan Box

The fan box houses the workings of the Cyclone™ game. This allows for printed board branding panels on all sides. There are a few essential cut outs in the panels, and these will be clearly indicated on your template.

The Leader Board
+ Rules

Our Top Gear style leader board can be used in two formats. Either matt laminate for an easy wipe clean effect, or magnetic strips to move names up and down the leader board as the competition hots up. The printed panel is 2 metres high and can be printed on both sides. The rules will be in the bottom half of the panel, with the all-important leader board at the top.

Just a few brands that have used us...


So, you have chosen your Cyclone™. You have decided on your message and what level of branding you will need. So, what's missing? What makes a Cyclone™ a cyclone™...the balls of course! Choosing the right colour balls to be on-brand and on-message is vital to making sure that your game reflects your business. Take a look at the colours below and see which ones will work for your game. Remember you will need to choose a negative colour and a bonus colour to make sure that your game is fantastic!

kick-UP A STORM!
What size is up to you.

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