The Food Warehouse (part of the Iceland group)

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The Food Warehouse came to us because they wanted a great game, fully branded in their eye-catching logo and colours. They needed a fully managed game so that they could concentrate on their 100th store opening. The Food Warehouse is a rapidly growing part of the Iceland group, providing massive savings, free parking and discount sales.

We managed and implemented the whole process from the initial idea, to the day itself, so that The Food Warehouse could concentrate on making sure their shoppers had a fantastic time and enjoyed the store opening. The Food Warehouse used our design teams to make sure that their Cyclone was fully branded and that their name would stay in the minds of the shoppers.

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“We had the cyclone at our 100th store opening in Blackpool. It went down so well with our customers and really keeps the energy levels going throughout the day. Would highly recommend.”

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kick-UP A STORM!
What size is up to you.

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