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How do you stand out at a show that has over 280 providers showcasing over 5,000 Cleaning, Workplace Wellbeing, M&E, Energy Management and Workplace Technology products?

Hire a Cyclone 4-player Challenge game, of course! Just like the leading facilities management recruitment company, Bridge Recruitment did. They knew they would need something special to get noticed at the world's largest facilities management and building services exhibition and conference.

Bridge Recruitment  wanted an interactive and engaging game to encourage conversation and to increase footfall on their stand. With such a large number of exhibitors it was important they had something that was instantly eye catching and memorable.

They choose the Cyclone 4-player Challenge, which encourages friendly competition and allows multi player interaction. It has a low noise output which is important in a busy show environment. If you think the Cyclone 4-player Challenge looks too big for your next event, take a look at our smaller Cyclone Handball Game.

Bridge Recruitment took advantage of our excellent design team and had full branding on their Cyclone 4-player Challenge to enable them to be remembered for all the right reasons!

You can use one of our fantastic Cyclones, or another Unique Idea, to promote your brand.

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The team...were brilliant from start to finish. They advised us throughout the whole process and provided us with a full 360 service. The Cyclone Challenge created a real buzz around the stand and was definitely the ice breaker we was looking for.

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kick-UP A STORM!
What size is up to you.

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