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Snatch or catch has just got bigger and better with 2, 4, 6,, 8 players or more! A game of coordination, frustration and fun. 15 Seconds on the clock. Each contestant (or single player) will have to have wait in anticipation as the batons fall from the branded, black truss at random intervals. Whoever collects the most gets themselves on the leaderboard! This highly versatile product also lends itself to various gaming formats. Assign values to certain batons, double points for trying to 'snatch' your opponents. We can even hang various prizes / items to suit! Ideal for exhibitions, activation spaces, sporting venues, conferences and more. But the main thing, its super fun! Contestants really do like more than 1 go at this one.

By the way, if space is an issue at your conference, we can hang this brilliant reaction game from overhead truss without using the plinths, saving vital floor space.

  • Great ROI potential
  • Ideal for venues where noise is an issue – silent game
  • Easy to play – encourages repeat attempts
  • Provides opportunity for interaction
  • Branding on plinths and banner
  • Low power of 3.0 amps
  • Set up in minutes
  • Full delivery across UK/EU or collect and go
  • Can be fixed on overhead truss at Exhibition without using the plinths to save on floor space
  • Targets can simulate almost any product for any company form (Cans, various colours, points, printed branding, balls, tech or cuddly toys)


Game Objective

A goal post set up in basic looks with plinths and overhead horizontal section for branding. The overhead truss contains a line of 8 electro magnetics holding an Object-Target that will randomly drop after the start button is Hit. If 1 player they will attempt to catch as released before hitting the floor. When 2 players go head to head the Question ‘snatch or catch’ will be asked. Snatch or Catch has just got bigger and better with 2, 4, 6, 8 players or more!

Branding Opportunities:

• Plinth panels

• Top Gear style leader board

• Banner across the top

• Option to brand targets

• See our Branding page to learn more

Technical Specification:

• Size: 4.5m (Width) / 2.2m (Height)

• Power: 3.0 amps

• LED Lighting

• Can be branded on plinths and above game

• Option to brand targets

• Can be fixed on overhead truss at Exhibition without using the plinths to save on floor space.

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Watch It In


What Our
Customers Say

The Cyclone XL With Asda

Asda Event. Thank you and your team for coming down to the opening of our brand-new Community room, Yourself and Rob were so polite and friendly when coming into store to set up. Everything went so smoothly and you also made the set up in store with yourself safe for my colleagues and customers. The customers and colleagues thoroughly enjoyed the Cyclone game and it would be great to have you all back here in store one day! ‍

Stop The Clock With Franklyn Financial Management Ltd


The game was very engaging and drew people in at Confex 2020. Bob at Unique Ideas was easy to communicate with right through the process - quality service!

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