Random Code Generator

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Incredible, reactive, engaging and addictive. Eliminate the tiles to reveal the code. Are your reactions up to speed?

Ideal for all ages, all locations and all occasions. The Random Code Generator is silent, compact and portable. The go-to game for every event, corporate or retail, long-term roadshow hire, or simply a few hours sales office fun! With multi-play options from 4 to 6 tile, to a 1, 2 or 4-player. Not only can you choose the size that suits you, but also the complexity. The Random Code Generator game can be set to generate codes to be used in conjunction with the Perspex Safe for added layers of game fun!


Game Objective

  • Brings instant attention at any event or exhibition.
  • Silent in operation apart from the crowds shouting in joy or frustration.
  • Any Target 4-6 digit code-word can be programmed to appear.
  • Branding on all Plinth & Screen panels.
  • Fun and addictive especially for all ages the most up to date reaction game with a Twist.
  • Low power supply required.
  • Footprint 600/600/1800 mm.
  • Exclusive Hire Available.
  • 1-2 or 4 Screen availability
  • Below 4 & 1 screen with Perspex safe & Desktop version.

Branding Opportunities:

  • Plinth panels
  • Top Gear style leaderboard
  • See our branding page to learn more

Technical Specification:

  • Silent
  • Low power required, only 3 amps
  • Size dimensions varies from desktop size to 4-player, 4 or 6 tile options, please contact Bob for more details
  • Can be branded on plinth panels

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Watch It In


What Our
Customers Say

The Cyclone XL With Asda

Asda Event. Thank you and your team for coming down to the opening of our brand-new Community room, Yourself and Rob were so polite and friendly when coming into store to set up. Everything went so smoothly and you also made the set up in store with yourself safe for my colleagues and customers. The customers and colleagues thoroughly enjoyed the Cyclone game and it would be great to have you all back here in store one day! ‍

Stop The Clock With Franklyn Financial Management Ltd


The game was very engaging and drew people in at Confex 2020. Bob at Unique Ideas was easy to communicate with right through the process - quality service!

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