Colour Code Challenge

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Are you quick enough?

Incredible, reactive, engaging and addictive. Match the colours to reveal the code. Are your reactions up to speed?

Ideal for all ages, all locations and all occasions. The Colour Code Challenge is silent, compact and portable. The go-to game for every event, corporate or retail, long-term roadshow hire, or simply a few hours sales office fun! With multi-play options from a 1, 2 or 4-player, right through to the infinitely portable desktop version. Not only can you choose the size that suits you, but also the complexity. The Colour Code Challenge game can be used in conjunction with the Perspex Safe for added layers of game fun!

  • Compact, silent and portable
  • Exclusive skill based reaction game
  • Ideal for a multitude of locations and occasions
  • Available for long or short-term hire
  • Perfect for increasing engagement and interaction

Game Objective

1: Set the timer to suit (usually 30 seconds)

2: The timer will start to count down, changing colours as it does so

3: The aim is to press the button when the colour on the timer matches the colour on the tile

4: Keep going!

The winner is the person who has matched their tiles in the fastest time. When all four tiles are revealed you will have a four digit code, what you do with it is up to do...but we have some great ideas!

Branding Opportunities:

  • Plinth panels
  • Top Gear style leaderboard
  • See our branding page to learn more

Technical Specification:

  • Silent
  • Low power required, only 3 amps
  • Size dimensions varies from desktop size to 4-player, please contact Bob for more details
  • Can be branded on plinth panels

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What Our
Customers Say


Massive thank you to you and the team for all of your help before and during our Internal launch event- it was really good fun! You were all so helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Such a great way to get our staff engaged with a new product! Definitely recommend 🙂


Following a late request from a client, FK3 worked with Unique Ideas to brand, set-up and run two Cyclone games for two internal launch events running simultaneously in London and Dublin. Bob and his team were easy to work with, kept us up-to-date with requirements and updates, and delivered a great experience for our end client.

Boom 25

It was wonderful! You have a terrific team and we were very happy with the service and outcome.

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