Cyclone™ XL

A little competition makes the world go around. Are you ready to play?

Are you running a team building day? A three-player Cyclone™ XL can be used either to encourage competition or working together. Whatever you need to achieve the Cyclone™ XL will help you. Speak to us, so that we can help you to choose the best game for you. Your company, your rules. We don’t see problems, we see solutions. Whatever you want your Cyclone™ XL for, our first-class experienced logistics team will make it happen. Make sure you get noticed with extensive branding available across the Cyclone™ XL. Go bigger, go better, go Cyclone™ XL.

  • Ideal 3-player game can be used to encourage competition, or team building
  • Visually exciting and entertaining, will draw crowds
  • Easy to engage people when they are watching or waiting to play
  • Professionally designed and branded, showcasing your company to the max


Game Objective

Choose to either work with a partner, or to compete against each other. Each player has their own score tube. All you have to do is catch the coloured target balls or paper, and place them in the tube…how hard can it be? Oh, and they are flying around, and you are racing against the clock, and avoid the negative colours so that you don’t lose points! Try and grab that bonus ball for even more points! Be warned, this game is addictive!

Branding Opportunities:

• Top hat

• Door both inside and outside

• Top Gear style leader board with rules & laminate dry wipe.

• Bottom kick board with social media tag.

• Fan box cover.

• 8 colours to match company branding on LED timer display.

• Balls colours: Red/Green/Blue/Gold/Black/Yellow/Orange/White/Purple/Pink.

• For more branding opportunities take a look at Cyclone™ Digital

• See our Branding page to learn more

Technical Specification:

• 3-player Cyclone™ wind game. Floor standing.

• For a multi-player game, please see the Cyclone™ XXL

• Foam balls or Paper/vouchers.

• Footprint 2.5m x 2.5m x 2.5m with Top Hat

• Full structural calculations, including H&S certificate on frame strength – not twist and click framework. Frame-weld strength certification

• Fire certification on all materials included


• Power supply dedicated 13 amp 3200 watts socket or 16 amp cee-form socket

Watch It In

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What Our
Customers Say


The game was very engaging and drew people in at Confex 2020. Bob at Unique Ideas was easy to communicate with right through the process - quality service!

Talent Works

Bob and his team took care of absolutely everything from start to finish, and I never needed to chase for an update - even when I’d given the team a really tight deadline. The stand was set up for me before I even arrived by the amazing Neil and James. Neil certainly knows how to work the crowd and really helped make the stand a success. I’m very grateful to everyone I had the pleasure to connect with (shout out to Carol who kept me up to date throughout the process!).


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