They may be small, but they are mighty!

Our Cyclones have been extremely successful and we have proudly provided Cyclones to large corporate clients like Google, Ford, Dyson, Pandora and many more.

So why have we launched the Cyclone 360? We wanted to take our Cyclones to the next level, and what better way than to make the experience everlasting. So the best way we answer the question: “Why the Cyclone 360?” We ask the following: Have you ever been to a memorable place or to an event and taken a picture or recorded a video whilst there? Of course you have - but why? Is it to tell a story? Is it to share with the rest of the world what you are doing? Is it to evoke an emotion? Is it to capture the moment and allow you to reminisce in the future? Whether it is for a business or a personal event, when you buy/hire a Cyclone 360 you create value.

The Cyclone 360 allows you to do all of the above, whilst your guests have fun. The Cyclone 360 is fully customisable, from the cyclone machine, the sponge balls to the “top hat” and scoreboard. If you are a business, the machine can have your company branding on the inside, a branded “top hat” and even a branded scoreboard. If it is for a personal event, such as a wedding, how about an image of the newly weds inside the Cyclone and their names and dates on the “top hat”. The customisation doesn’t end there. Whilst your guests are in the Cyclone 360, our camera is orbiting the Cyclone - recording. The recorded output can have a custom theme applied, a theme which is unique to you or your company. We can even put a song on your video output. With our sharing stations, guests get their video instantly. Our Cyclone 360 video output is not just a memory guests can cherish forever, but it is something they will want to share with others. The video format and size makes it perfect for social media sharing. So why not take your event to the next level! And, if you still need convincing, which you don’t, have a look at our trailer [below].

Or see it in action in our studio here.


Game Objective

Just catch the coloured balls or paper, and place them in the tube…how hard can it be? Oh, and they are flying around, and you are racing against the clock, and avoid the negative colours so that you don’t lose points! Be warned, this game is addictive!

Branding Opportunities:

• Top hat

• Door both inside and outside

• Top Gear style leader board with rules & laminate dry wipe.

• Fan box cover.

• 8 colours to match company branding on LED timer display.

• Balls colours: Red/Green/Blue/Gold/Black/Yellow/Orange/White/Purple/Pink.

• For more branding opportunities take a look at Cyclone™ Digital

• See our Branding page to learn more

Technical Specification:

• Multi-player Cyclone™ wind game. Floor standing, stage available.

• Foam balls or Paper/vouchers.

• Game 1m D x 1.5m H

• Full structural calculations, including H&S certificate on frame strength – not twist and click framework. Frame-weld strength certification

• Fire certification on all materials included


• Power supply dedicated 13 amp 3200 watts socket or 16 amp cee-form socket

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What Our
Customers Say

The Cyclone XL With Asda

Asda Event. Thank you and your team for coming down to the opening of our brand-new Community room, Yourself and Rob were so polite and friendly when coming into store to set up. Everything went so smoothly and you also made the set up in store with yourself safe for my colleagues and customers. The customers and colleagues thoroughly enjoyed the Cyclone game and it would be great to have you all back here in store one day! ‍

Stop The Clock With Franklyn Financial Management Ltd


The game was very engaging and drew people in at Confex 2020. Bob at Unique Ideas was easy to communicate with right through the process - quality service!

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