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Of course SMC, one of the leading international pneumatic companies would want to choice an air based game for their event. And, naturally, they would want the best. It's not hard to see why they chose a Cyclone. A Cyclone™ is the obvious choice for a top quality, air based game to tie in beautifully with the brand ethos of the leading pneumatic company SMC.

Taking advantage of our in-house design service, SMC hired a fully branded Cyclone for their event. Extensive branding on the Cyclone gives great brand recognition and the easy engaging game play will delight your customers.

SMC chose a 3-player Cyclone for their event, a great choice for team-building or competition! Our Cyclones come in a range of sizes from the classic Cyclone to the incredible giant Cyclone XXL!

Whatever event you are attending and whoever your target market, we have a Cyclone that will suit you. Or if a Cyclone isn't a perfect fit for you, we have a range of other games that will suit you and your business.

To discuss what we can do for you, contact Bob today.

Thanks for your support at our event Bob the 3 person Cyclone was a real attraction, good fun had by all...Many thanks for your help at the Honda TechFest. I understand that it went really well and the feedback from Honda has been very and Kevin were great.

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kick-UP A STORM!
What size is up to you.

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