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O’Keefe’s are globally renowned for their hard-working hand cream, so when they looked for a game to represent their brand, they needed a hard-working game. They needed a Cyclone!

O’Keefe’s took advantage of our brilliant design team, making sure that their Cyclone was fully branded with their distinctive logo.

The game provided great opportunity for interaction and engagement, and ensured that the O’Keefe’s name was noted and remembered by everyone who saw it.

The Cyclone game offers players a chance to catch the whirling target balls, and always brings a smile to the player’s face!


See what a Cyclone can do for your brand, contact Bob today.

” Great company, very helpful staff, the Cyclone definitely drives engagement and interaction from the audience, will definitely use again.”

Watch Us In Action!


kick-UP A STORM!
What size is up to you.

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